I am a man with many hobbies. I am most passionate about discovering vocations I have not heard of. If we encounter each other in public and I ask what excites you, it is an earnest question and not just an attempt at small talk. There are so many things I either don't know, or have invalid notions about, and finding those that have these passions to learn from is the most exciting thing I can think of.

The activity that occupies the majority of my time is computers, both the philosophical and physical manifestations of the topic. I am a professional software architect at Garmin International where I build the infrastructure for our OSes. The aspect of this task that I enjoy the most is finding ways to streamline the development process.

When I was in high school I wanted to build robots, specifically those that could be used by medical professionals. The coolest thing I had seen was the robotic arm Luke received in "The Empire Strikes Back". I knew that the technology wasn't there yet, but I thought that using automation for physical therapies would be just as helpful. Unfortunately, I was not able to realize that dream, but I have been extremely fortunate in now having the resources to build robots as a hobby. I am currently looking for a robotics group, because it gets lonely building robots in your basement by your self.

I have been a life long practitioner of various martial arts. I am currently looking for a style such as Tai Chi. Due to injuries I am not able to practice high impact forms, but something with great control and smooth movements would allow me to return to my regiment. I require a structure that allows me to work through my body to keep the my body and mind in balance. I love to talk about martial arts with anyone that will listen, so feel free to bring it up while talking to me.

I love cycling. Currently I am focused on road cycling, but that is primarily because that is the best form we have in the area I live in. I participate in the BikeMS ride every year. I find the organization to be well run and they utilize the money well in my opinion. If you are not familiar with them please investigate them on your own. If you are looking to donate, you can use my link https://mssociety.donordrive.com/participant/Austin-Morgan.