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Novel the Restaurant

We had the opportunity to go out tonight, and I got to pick the restaurant. I have been looking forward to visiting Novel based on a Feast Magazine article 3 years ago. For those in a hurry, I added this to my good restaurant list, but not on my must return list (yes I have lists of restaurants, spe...


In order of most desired to least

Defrosting my refrigerator


  1. Unload the refrigerator and the freezer. There are coolers in the garage that will hold the vast majority of the items that require actual cooling.
  2. Disable the cooling mechanism using these instructions from the manual


  3. Remove the shelving
    1. Needed to have maximum air movement
    2. Ne...


I am in an interesting predicament, I make enough money that my kids won't qualify for the majority of need based college scholarships, but not enough that we will be comfortable while they are in school. I assume this is not a small section of the population so I figured I would keep a running list...

Xerox Phaser 6500DN Faded Printing


I changed out my toner and over time some of color was not the correct shade, or not present at all.


  1. Shake the toner cartridge to ensure that the toner isn't bunched up.
  2. Check to see if the auger is in the correct position

    1. Remove the Drum Unit – You must remove the...