Monarch Books

/One of my work friends achieved a great milestone, he finished a published a book. This is a more common occurrence for me than most others as my friend space is closely tied to my wife Christine.


My love of books started when I was 7. I saw part of the Friday the 13th movie. I was too scared to go to sleep and my mother got me my fathers old Hardy Boys books to give me something to do while I wasn't sleeping. Before this, I had a read difficulty reading and later discovered it was a form a dyslexia, but the comfort of reading was greater than the discomfort of being afraid to sleep. From middle school through college I worked in libraries, giving me an exposure to the scope of written words that exists and I still have an eclectic taste for my reading. Therefore I always get excited when I find a book store that is trying to meet there readers where they are.

Don's book launch party wasn't a huge success as counted by participants, but the present ones were invested. Don picked Monarch Books and Gifts as his broadcast location (everything is hybrid these days). The owner made the event special, interacting with guests, comforting those that were scared during the flash thunderstorm that descended upon us, and staying open later than normal for the event and extending that period even more to allow the floods to recede.

During this period I had an opportunity to really get acquainted with the owner and the content of the store. The owner really goes out of her way to get to know her clientele and keep content in her store that features what they are interested in. It isn't a huge store, but there is an amazing amount of diversity in both the books, and the pun laden gifts that focus on reading. Her ability to tie the sections to her customer base really made me want to return the future to influence the future of the store, not because I felt that she didn't have the correct items, but because any interaction with this store is going to modify it and I find that amazing especially in this day and age of everything quickly moving toward an average look and feel.

If you want a book, or just have some free time, I suggest visiting Monarch Books. I don't think you will leave disappointed.

P.S. I haven't visited myself but I have been told that the restaurant next door is quite good.