Blog Updates

For the past 4 years my blog has mostly been about trying different things on a semi-production system before I integrate the technology into my wife's business site. I get a little traffic, which is kind of scary since I have almost zero content, and I don't mind if things break.

Today I decided to give Octopress at try. I have decided I like it's basic features. Now I need to try customizing the themes and using it for a more full feature site. Who knows eventually Christine's site may also be running off Octopress. It would make things much easier for me.

Reasons I picked Octopress:

  1. I am tired of updating backup scripts when I need to update the version of a database. I also don't get much enjoyment in testing the database backups periodically to make sure they are still working.
  2. I love the fact that I can keep a complete history of everything I have done with the blog.
  3. I can use git and therefore branch and play as much as I like with little overhead.
  4. I have limited bandwidth and when Christine is watching Hulu, the kids are watching Netflix and I am syncing my Gentoo repos having static pages to serve saves a lot of bandwidth.
  5. Being integrated with git I am able to keep my changes to octopress in their own branch and pick and choose what modifications from mainline I want to integrate when.
  6. Ruby really is a lot of fun to work with.