We spent our family vacation by taking a cruise to Nassau, Bahama. While we were there my wife decided it would be nice to have a summer style dress to wear to the beach. Fortunately we walked by the Straw Market on Bay Street. This a fun market filled with stalls, mostly selling the same items. Christine decided she liked a dress she had passed when my son was browsing earlier in the day. My son had seen an souvenir that he wanted in a stall around the corner. My wife haggled with the person at the clothes stall, and eventually settled on $30 for the dress. As the dress was 100% polyester and made in china that was probably what it would have cost in the states.

The problem was that the proprietor of the stall was unhappy with the agreed amount and made some rather snide comments after the transaction. At the same time I was helping my son determine if he had the resources to get what he wanted. After the comments toward my wife we decided to leave that area. As we left deciding that my son could think about what he wanted over night it came out that the lady was his wife and apparently this was a problem he had seen in the past. The moral of this story is customer service is hard to find everywhere. Also when you haggle if you don't like the price don't sell the item.