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Robomower Manual

I received this manual some time ago either from Roy or Tyler. At any rate here it is for those whom need to service their mower but don't have a local service place to help you.

On May 30th, 2012 I received a request from Friendly Robotics to take down this manual. So I did. As far as I am concer...

Robomow features

This is a post in which I am keeping up with the features I will be adding to my robomow. It will probably take me forever to get through any of them with family life, but it will still be fun.

  1. Backlight in the manual remote. They already have this, but I don't want to pay $85 for the honors of...

Four and Twenty Blackbirds Review

by Cherie Priest

This is a fun book. The story is a classic one about there is something horrible in our family's past that no one will talk about so the protagonist is required to search out the mystery for them self. Of course this leads to problems all the way around until we come to a rather s...