Random musings of an introvert

Graphite-website has a website that describes a tool that can be very useful for projects with a lot of activity. More importantly they have a website that has elements that are pleasurable to view because of a strong design ascetic and some elements I have not encountered before. Please take t...


I am in an interesting predicament, I make enough money that my kids won't qualify for the majority of need based college scholarships, but not enough that we will be comfortable while they are in school. I assume this is not a small section of the population so I figured I would keep a running list...

Automatic Cleaning

I don't like cleaning, or just about anything else that is repetitive, I like to leave repetitive tasks to automation. Therefore I was excited to discover that git can keep your branches and tags from remote repositories clean automatically with the git fetch --prune. I have taken to adding it to...


In order of most desired to least


  • Gundam Model - Thanks Brian
  • Wood Cutting Board no wider than 12 inches - Thanks Christine
  • Cheese, the more exotic the better - Thanks Robert
  • Chicago Style Popcorn - Thanks Linda
  • Lego Succulents - Th...